e-QSL 2020 coronavirus pandemic IRRS Италия Март 2020 года

NEXUS-IBA IRRS подтвердили приём специальной трансляции "2020 coronavirus pandemic: Stay home, stay safe: Listen to Shortwave" 4 марта 2020 года. На этот раз станция сделала специальную карточку. А на вопрос, почему она не заполнена данными из рапорта ответили - "Sorry we do not have the software and the time to do it manually now, maybe on a later date. Ron". В рамках этих ежедневных трансляций станция передаёт программу "War Room Pandemic" Steve Banner из США.

P.S. Через три часа Ron из IRRS прислал заполненную карточку за этот рапорт.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: IRRS Global daily Shortwave broadcasts
9640 kHz (1400-1500 UTC) to Asia and Middle East
7290 kHz (1800-2000 UTC) to Europe
9660 kHz (2000-2100 UTC) to Africa
11990 from 1500-1600 UTC (250 kW) in Oromo language to Ethiopia.

e-QSL 2020 coronavirus pandemic IRRS Италия Март 2020 года

Страна неизвестно
Станция 2020 coronavirus pandemic IRRS
Частота 9660 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) Wednesday 4 March 2020 UTC time: 20:00 - 21:00
Получено от станции QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта английский
Послано по e-mail reports@nexus.org, info@nexus.org
Ответ получен 5 марта 2020 года
Receiver: SDRplay RSP1
Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer
Antenna 1: Active loop antenna (Sergey Rusakov) with rotator
Antenna 2: Long wire antenna 10 meters
MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground
Receiver location: Saratov, Russia

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2020 coronavirus pandemic: new global broadcasts on Shortwave
March 4, 2020: While most of Northern Italy has come (nearly) to a halt due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have just extended our daily broadcasts to cover Europe, Asia and Africa with daily news and commentaries on COVID-19 in English.

War Room pandemic - A new program aired via IRRS-Shortwave is called “War Room Pandemic” and produced in the USA by Steve Bannon, political advisor, media executive, former investment banker and former White House Chief Strategist. War Room Pandemic presents the latest news and opinions on the effects of the coronavirus around the world. New global frequencies on Shortwave - War room pandemic can be heard on our new (daily) frequencies as of Feb. 21, 2020 (@ 150 to Europe and Africa & 250 kW to Asia):

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9640 kHz (1400-1500 UTC) to Asia and Middle East
7290 kHz (1800-2000 UTC) to Europe
9660 kHz (2000-2100 UTC) to Africa
and on AM/Medium Wave:
594 kHz (2100-2200 UTC or: 2200-2300 CET) to N Italy and Southern/Central Europe
Also check our updated frequency schedule online.

2020 coronavirus pandemic - Stay home, stay safe - Listen to Shortwave

On the occasion of these global broadcasts NEXUS-IBA has released a new QSL card available electronically for all reception reports. You may send your reception report for any of our broadcasts to reports@nexus.org. We will gladly acknowledge all verified reception reports with our new electronic QSL. Please notice that we have discontinued our PO Box address in Milano, and reception reports can only be sent by email. Before requesting our QSL card, please consult our Privacy Policy and learn how we process your personal data according to the GDPR.

Freedom of expression via IRRS and IPAR
NEXUS-IBA, IRRS (the Italian & Irish Radio Relay Service) and IPAR regularly feature talk radio programs and discussions about topical issues. We make available our international media channels to bring any program and opinion across the digital divide to any country worldwide.

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Since 1979 NEXUS-IBA has been supporting free media, free speech, pluralism of information and first-hand news across iron curtains, walls and firewalls that are still popular in many countries. All programs are aired unabridged, as-is, without censorship, to any region in the world. Anyone with an important message or first-hand news & information is allowed access to our media without discrimination.

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Письмо от станции:

Dear Dmitry,

Thank You very much for your email and reception report. We do acknowledge your
reception report for our broadcast, and we are attaching our latest electronic
QSL card ("2020 coronavirus pandemic: Stay home, stay safe: Listen to Shortwave").


Hope it helps, stay tuned and very best 73s,


Сайт IRRS-Shortwave - Italian Radio Relay Service

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