e-QSL FRS Holland Нидерланды Сентябрь 2019 года

Получена новая e-QSL от станции FRS Holland из Нидерландов в ответ на рапорт 8 сентября 2019 года. Также как обычно прислали информацию о станции. Free Radio Service Holland в сентябре отметила 39-ю годовщину с момента начала вещания.

e-QSL FRS Holland Нидерланды Сентябрь 2019 года

Страна Нидерланды
Станция FRS - Holland
Частота 5810 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) Sunday 8 September 2019 20:49 - 21:07
Получено от станции e-QSL, письмо
Язык передачи | рапорта английский | английский
Послано по e-mail frs@frsholland.nl
Ответ получен 8 октября 2019 года
Receiver: KiwiSDR by Fenu-Radio Switzerland Kefikon
Antenna: Cross Loop with Reuter RLA4E/2 Amplifier Direction North/South
У меня дома:
Receiver: SDRplay RSP1
Antenna: Long wire antenna 35 meters (115 ft) with counterpoise 10 meters (33 ft)
MFJ-959C Antenna Tuner SWL and Preamp / MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground
Receiver location: Saratov, Russia

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YouTube видео

Письмо от станции:

Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for your support. Hereby- with a little delay- our info letter along with some personal notes.
Unfortunately we haven't been very lucky with our evening broadcasts this Summer.
We hope to be back early November.
Perhaps next time a full report...we do have excellent QSLs..certainly worth while to catch!
Keep on writing and supporting Free Radio on short wave!
73s Peter Verbruggen

Dear Dmitryl!
Thank you very much for your report & audio file to FRS-Holland. You sent us a report for the Anniversary BC on Sept. 8th ; it was a repeat of our Sunday Sept. 1st 2019 BC.

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As you can read in the Newsletter, reception conditions on Sept. 1st weren’t satisfactory. But we repeated a week later, that was slightly better. It even looked like 7700 was not on air on Sept. 1st!
The Sept. 8th repeat on 5810 made up a bit for the disappointing BC a week earlier.
I read that reception on the Swiss SDR was solid. That’s good!

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All infos to be read in this Newsletter! Well, you were lucky to hear at least part of the repeat in reasonable quality. In July a new deejay joined the FRS ranks: Mike Taylor who used to do the mailbag Show on E.M.R. for many years! He was also part of our schedule during our 39th Anniversary in September.
FRS hopes to be back early November…7700 & 5810 (5800 stand in).
73s, all the best dear Dmitry!!

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