e-QSL Radio Sovereign Ирландия Октябрь 2018 года

Получена первая для меня e-QSL от пирата из Ирландии Radio Sovereign за рапорт от 31 октября 2018 года. Tony D транслирует свои музыкальные шоу из города Dundalk на северо-восточном побережье южной Ирландии с передатчика мощностью 40 ватт.

e-QSL Radio Sovereign Ирландия Октябрь 2018 года

Страна Ирландия
Станция Radio Sovereign
Частота 6318 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) Wednesday 31 October 2018 UTC time: 16:44 - 17:15
Получено от станции e-QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта английский
Послано по e-mail 1494radio@gmail.com
Ответ получен 3 ноября 2018 года
Receiver: KiwiSDR Switzerland Kefikon - Switzerland
Antenna: Stampfl Active Dipole - Prototype

YouTube видео

Письмо от станции:

Radio Sovereign 6318/1494 Khz AM

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Hello Dmitry.

Thank you for your report/recordings regarding my station Radio Sovereign. I can confirm from your report/recordings and the on-air playlist logs that you received Sovereign on the 31st of October between 1644 and 1715 UTC via the KiwiSDR Kefikon, Switzerland.
The youtube video is great Dmitri and also the greetings card. Thanks!! I have included the latest eQSL for you, sorry for the delay.

The transmitter for Sovereign is located in a town called Dundalk on the northeast coast of southern Ireland, about 73 km north of Dublin.
I operate it from my own QTH without any hassle at all thankfully, the authorities here don't really care about AM unless of course, it causes interference.
Transmitting on the FM band here is a no-no, so I stick to Mediumwave / Shortwave, it is more fun after all.

The transmitter is homebrew using a 74hc240 IC to drive a single GaN Mosfet @ 24 volts giving me an output of 40 watts, I feed that into my end fed halfwave inverted L through a homebrew coupler, an inductor and an air variable capacitor, which tunes nicely. I am using the end fed halfwave because I have not got the room for a dipole, but it is so far working ok.
For the modulator, I use an LM3886 audio IC, driving a couple of 2N3055's, it is old school class A but it sounds good and does the job, plus its simple to build.

I have over 20 different reports so far including your's, so looking forward to many more.

Ok Dmitri, once again thank you for taking the time to listen, log and forward your report, it is much appreciated.

Best 73's and continued good DX.

Tony D

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2 комментария

  1. Александр Александр

    Radio Sovereign на 6318 удалось принять один раз на Degen 1103 ( Беларусь). Дмитрий, хотел бы проконсультироваться у вас насчёт радиоприёмников

    • Александр, вряд-ли я такой уж эксперт по приемникам. Спрашивайте, на что смогу отвечу.

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