QSL Deutscher Wetterdienst Германия Апрель 2017 года

QSL Deutscher Wetterdienst Германия Апрель 2017 года

Страна Германия
Станция Deutscher Wetterdienst
Частота 6180 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) 18 April 2017 UTC time: 20:20 - 20:30
Получено от станции QSL-карточка
Язык передачи | рапорта немецкий | английский
Послано по e-mail seeschifffahrt@dwd.de, info@dwd.de
Ответ получен 26.09.2016

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Сайт станции

Dear Mr. Elagin,

many thanks for your very nice reception report of receiving our speech frequency 6180 kHz! Today we added some items to our weather report. Now it contains forecast areas from English Channel to Gulf of Riga and weather observation from costal stations.

Our transmitter is located in Pinneberg about 15 km north of Hamburg. I am resposible for schedules etc. and working in the Met. Office Hamburg. At the same time I am NAVTEX coordinator for Germany. We are broadcasting NAVTEX (navigational warnings via text) on 518 and 490 kHz.

Since a long time we are broadcasting marine weather information in RTTY and weather charts in facimile mode on several long and short wave frequencies.

Here some links which might be of interest:
Schedules: www.dwd.de/sendeplan
NAVTEX-messages received at German coasts: www.dwd.de/navtex
Internet : https://www.dwd.de/seewetter

Today I will send you a QSL-card.

Best regards

Wilfried Behncke

National NAVTEX-Co-ordinator
Marine Meteorological Services
Tel.: 0049 69 8062 6187
Email: wilfried.behncke@dwd.de

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