e-QSL Marconi Radio International Италия Июнь 2016 года

e-QSL Marconi Radio International Италия Июнь 2016 года

MRI QSL nr.239 to Dmitry Elagin

Страна Италия
Станция Marconi Radio International
Частота 7700 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) 02.06.2016 21:25
Получено от станции e-QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта другой | английский
Послано по e-mail marconiradiointernational@gmail.com
Ответ получен 09.06.2016

YouTube видео


В этот раз я даже не отправлял рапорт.
Я отправил видео, что-бы показать что прием был возможен с большим уровнем шума.
Тем не менее станция посчитала, что этого достаточно для подтверждения.
Спасибо им!

Письмо от Marconi Radio International:

Dear listener Dmitry Elagin,

Thank you very much for your reception report. This letter is official verification that you have listened to Marconi Radio International (MRI) on 2 June 2016, on 7700 kHz (USB Mode), for a sufficient period of time to make positive identification. Attached, please find our full data electronic QSL as a token of our appreciation.

We are a small free radio station broadcasting from the Italy which, after 15 years of dormancy, returned back to the airwaves on 15 August 2015. MRI began its short wave transmissions on 4 January 1986 and this year celebrated its 30th anniversary. Until now, reception reports, found to be fully correct, have been received from listeners in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, (Northern) Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA. It should be also mentioned that the station has recently been logged by SWLs in Denmark and Portugal.

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Yesterday, (Wednesday, 8 June 2016), MRI was also heard in Shimane (Japan) on the frequency of 13960 kHz. This was the first time we received a correct reception report along with an audio clip from a listener in Asia (3rd from outside Europe) who was using his own receiver and antenna.

On 4 May 2016 MRI started a regular service on Wednesdays, from 1800 to 1900 UTC, from 2000 to 2100 UTC, from 2200 to 2300 UTC on 7690 kHz USB mode (alternative frequencies: 7700 and 7790 kHz) with a power of 100 watts. Despite this, times and frequencies are subject to change. So is the case with our next Wednesday broadcasts on 15, 22 and 30 June which are scheduled as follows: 1730-1830 UTC on 13960 kHz (USB mode), 1915-2015 UTC on 15070 kHz (USB mode) and 2045-2145 UTC on 7700 kHz (USB Mode).

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Our broadcasts include some kind of programmes now sadly missing from most shortwave radio stations: an old style DX show in English “Italian Short Wave Panorama” with lot of recent logs as well as a mailbag show in Italian. Our station identification announcements are not only in English and Italian but also in French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

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We hope to extend the duration of our broadcasts in the near future and also to increase power. We also plan to send in printed QSL cards by snail-mail but only to some lucky listeners. That’s why it’s vital to let us have your postal (street or P.O. box) address.

Unlike a number of free radios from Northern of Europe we know what a QSL is and our verifications will always come with ALL details about reception of MRI.

Last but not least, we need your help! If you use social networks, please post an announcement on Facebook about MRI. You can also forward this message to a friend. This should help increase our potential audience.
We would be glad to receive further reception reports from you again in the future.

Yours sincerely
Marconi Radio International (MRI)

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