e-QSL SDXF World Radio Day Швеция Германия 13 января 2017 года

e-QSL SDXF World Radio Day Швеция Германия 13 января 2017 года

Страна Германия
Станция SDXF
Частота 6070 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) 13.02.2017 15:00
Получено от станции e-QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта шведский | английский
Послано по e-mail qsl@sdxf.se
Ответ получен 14.02.2017

Сайт Swedish DX Federation

Письмо от Swedish DX Federation:

Hallo Dmitry!

Thank you for your excellent reception report and the nice landscape photo from Saratov in Russia. I wish I had that amount of snow. I live 500 km north of Stockholm at 63°N and no snow at all. We usually have at least 50 cm of snow in February, but this winter is an exception.

I have checked your reception report and it is absolutely correct. We at SDXF are happy to confirm that you have received our special program on World Radio Day Feb 13 2017 broadcast via Channel 292 Rohrbach Germany on 6070 kHz 1500-1600 UTC.

Like you many of our listeners used the SDR at the University of Twente.

All the best from SDXF

Gert Nilsson

SDXF QSL-manager

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