e-QSL Radio Star International Италия Германия Июль 2016 года

e-QSL Radio Star International Италия Германия Июль 2016 года


Страна Германия
Станция Radio Star International
Частота 6070 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) 22.07.2016 21:00
Получено от станции e-QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта итальянский | английский
Послано по e-mail radiostar@freewaves.it
Ответ получен 30.07.2016

Письмо от Radio Star International:

Greetings Dmitry!

Sorry for the late answer but during the summer instead to have more free time, I am literally covered of job.
Thank you for your email and your reception report, attached here our eQsl that I hope you will like.

We are on air every Friday, now during August there will be only music, I will mention your reception report next month , after the 20th of August when the regular schedule will restart.

You can also listen us here www.freewaves.it

I wish you a great weekend and thanks again for your nice letter.

Kind Regards

Radio Star International

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