e-QSL Australia Northern Territory ABC Local Radio Alice Springs Май 2016 года

Australia Northern Territory ABC Local Radio Alice Springs


Страна Австралия
Станция ABC (local)
Частота 4835 кГц
Дата, время (UTC) 09.05.2016 20:07
Получено от станции e-QSL
Язык передачи | рапорта английский | английский
Послано по e-mail Advice.Reception@abc.net.au
Ответ получен 20.05.2016


Письмо от станции:

Dear Dmitry,

Thank you for your report of the 10th of May, 2016, regarding receiving ABC Local Radio Alice Springs.

With the little further information you provided about the frequency in your second email I can confirm that you were listening to our Domestic Shortwave Radio Services on 4835kHz from Alice Springs.

It’s wonderful to hear that our services can be heard so far away, your equipment must be very good.

Thank you for your interest in the ABC and taking the time to write to us.

Kind Regards,


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